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I need a hobby. An active hobby, one that doesn't involve drinking or eating..... or clubbing. I need something else to do!!

Eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, BEER, eat, work, sleep..... Not good! I need something more in my life.....

Maybe I should buy a bike???

Maybe not.

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Buy a bike! I bought a bike last summer and it was great fun going to Wollaton Park and the like for bike rides.

Buy one and we'll go on picnics (oh dear, that involves food) and cycle to pubs (oh dear, that involves beer).

I like this! We should do it!! Ange make plans!!!!

1. Go to Halfords/Argos and buy a cheap bike
2. Let said bike clutter up house/shed
3. Ride it a few times and eat a massive picnic, thus outdoing good work


Seriously, we've got a bike rack for 3 bikes. Winner!

paint... even if its paint by number.. it takes up your time and its relaxing... and paintings make good presents.

I wish i needed to use up time! I really dont have enough time to do the things i do..... well ok, maybe i watch a little too much tv with wine or beer.... maybe

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