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Mail Order Bastards
So i've ordered things... lots of things.  I've waited.... I hate waiting.

Then HURRAH! Something arrives. I open with the sort of excitement you get at Christmas (yes I am that sad) and lo and behold.... ITS THE WRONG FUCKING ITEMS WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! AAAARGH!!! I'm so angry. The invoice doesn't match the items, the order number is wrong and on my accounts page it says its not sent out. Huh?? Confused much?

I'm hoping I can keep these AND get my correct stuff! Fingers crossed.

I also ordered a camera, which I believe is in next doors house at the minute. Frustration! The stupid people wouldn't deliver when I was in. I did tell them! Some of us cant stay in from 8am till 6pm. We have lives to lead..... ok I had work.... same difference aint it?

Eat.Work.Sleep ad infinitum

Pay day tommorrow and a night out at D-railed. Valentines Day approaches.  Joy.


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