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Aaaargh! Its well hard getting use to this again. 

Why must everything be so difficult. Also most of my friends have ceased to post..... which also begs the question, why bother to continue. I feel like this blog is a blog about the old me. Suffice to say i've grown and changed so much in recent years.

Re reading this is like a huge blast from the past. I cant believe I was so naive in some of my view. Ah I only I knew then what I know now... yadda yadda yadda.

Mostly whats on my mind right now is relationship woes. Ho hum. Some things never change.

Onwards and upwards though.........

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i don't really remember you, so i doubt you'll even remember me but i clicked on my friends page and there you were with a recent update.

but i just stopped by to say that i totally agree with you. i recently started writing in my livejournal again and when i read my old entries i felt like that person from the past is nothing like the person i've become today.

..but i'm still semi writing about the same things, just not with such a narrow outlook and -i guess you could say- with more of a hopeful heart.

Hello! Hmmmm not sure if I know you or not?? I think we may have been random buddies..... who can say. Heres to more regular updates and all that :)

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