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Looked at two houses today. One that was lovely inside but a dive outside and another that was a dive inside but lovely outside and in a nicer area. The first one just felt all wrong...

Slowly falling in love with the other house though. Big mistake? The inside needs completely gutting and new central heating needs putting in. New kitchen bathroom and enough decorating to shake a rather large paint brush at! but i dont think its bothering me. I just need the cash to do it all and as its a cheap(er) house I should be able to afford it.

Stress again..... feels like i'm rushing in but if its the right one....

They've already had some viewings of it and if i decide this is the one and it sells i'll be pissed off, big time!

Need to have a good long think, or a good quick think either way i gotta decide soon. Means Ange will have to live with her parents (and me with mine) which isn't ideal but things aren't great here and the sooner I move the better i'll feel.

I need a lottery win.

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