Maria my star Matthew goodnight

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Its really kinda wrong to fancy the brother of someone you know. It'll only end in tears...... But at lest this one is Gay.... its a rather good starting point.

NG1 was a laugh tongiht. Well done adzzz for being an absolute star. We had a good night. We generally do. We look for attractive Gay men and the fag hags so that were both occuppied. Its a technique we need to perfect.

Alas i'm home alone but i'm stumbilng so it MUST have been a good night.

Tommorrow is a shopping day AGAIN! I'm feeling really Christmassy now though and feel the need to get drunk and dance lots!

OH MY FUCKING GOD WE MANAGED TO GET GATECRASHER TICKETS!!!!! How good is that. So far Chrsitmas is really looking up!

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Alas we are both at home alone... We need some more practice with this gay/fag hag combination.

You're interesting.
Let's be e-friends?

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